Thursday, May 16, 2013

Employer Model Notice for Health Insurance Marketplace

The above links are to the Federal Model Notices to announce the availability of health insurance exchanges to employee's of companies.

All employers will have to provide this notice to their existing and new employee's as of 10/1/2013.

Is your company ready for the questions?

Oregon Individual and Small Group Proposed Exchange Rates

Oregon has published their proposed rates for small group and individual health rates in the new exchange.  It is interesting to see the differences in the individual and group rates between the carriers.  The most shocking aspect is the difference that some individual rates are that are lower than the group rates.  I would not have expected that type of a difference in premium.  Especially when considering the individual premiums may also be even lower due to receiving a premium subsidy!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Administration Shortens Health Care Application

I did not think the government would actually make an process easier...

The dumping dilemma: Will employers pay a penalty to avoid offering health insurance? Obamacare & Business

Harrisburg law partner leaps to defense of health care law: Obamacare & Business Interesting perspective.

Postal temps to gain health insurance under ObamaCare

Postal temps to gain health insurance under ObamaCare

Of course, it is good enough for our political leaders it is good enough for the Postal Service....oh wait, maybe it won't be good enough for our Congressional leaders?