Friday, June 28, 2013

Congress, Fearing 'Brain Drain,' Seeks to Opt Out of Participating in Obamacare's Exchanges

This is priceless.  What is the definition of leadership?

Exchanging Medicaid For a Better Option

This is a little understood part of the benefit of states not expanding Medicaid.  This may seem counter intuitive to most the marketplace, however, for providers this may be a great opportunity.  It also may provide a better product for those who need medical benefits and may have been limited in treatment options under the old Medicaid system.

Scott Walker may have really done a great favor to the citizens of WI on multiple levels by not expanding the budget bloated Medicaid program.

Health insurance tax repeal gaining traction | BenefitsPro

Health insurance tax repeal gaining traction | BenefitsPro

Friday, June 7, 2013

Why So Much Recent Fuss About Health Care Costs?

Todd Hixon discusses a unrealized aspect of the Affordable Care Act, the shifting of spending at the provider level.  There is a unscientific rule in life which applies to economics called the "The Law of Unintended Consequences".  Maybe you are familiar with this life principal when you thought you of a time where you thought you were doing the right thing in a contrary situation to achieve the best outcome only to find out days, weeks, months, or even years later that what you did actually ended up hurting the situation.

I believe we have an example of that situation unfolding with regards to healthcare costs and the provider experience.  If health plans sold via the exchanges have high/ rich benefits what reason would I have to shop for the lowest cost?  Similarly, if I am a provider that is now being paid at higher than Medicaid levels (in states where Medicaid was not expanded) I am going to be getting paid 70%-100% more for patient treatment than I was previously.

How are we going to afford this type of change without a method to have market forces drive care/ treatment to those with the best cost and efficiency outcomes?

More to come....

Ohio reveals high exchange rates | BenefitsPro

Ohio reveals high exchange rates | BenefitsPro